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  • Promote balance.
  • Encourage handler to spend equal time on the "off-side."
  • Stimulate the left side of the horse's brain.
Ever wonder why a horse can get used to something on one side of its body and then later spook at the same thing on the other side of its body? Take note when your horse is at liberty: Does he approach you predominantly with one eye? Does she move to position you on a particular side? Is he more cautious or wary about approaching from the other side? Most likely your horse is more comfortable with you on her left side. Unlike humans, the two hemispheres of a Horse's brain are not connected.

Why is this important?
In one word: Balance. Depending upon your use of the horse, the reasons to use an off-side halter range from physical endurance and longevity to fluid motion and athleticism.

Try one of our horsefriendly off-side halters and see for yourself.

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