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Natural Horsemanship Strings (6 ft.) Price: $17.00 Natural Horsemanship Strings (6 ft.)
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The Natural Horsemanship String is the most versatile and horsefriendly tool you will ever own.

  • 6 foot length
  • handcrafted quality
  • no shortcuts
  • both ends are spliced
  • spliced loop
  • spliced end
  • leather popper

The Natural Horsemanship String features a neatly spliced loop on one end and a back splice on the other end with a leather popper attached to it. Many manufacturer's take a shortcut and burn the end with the leather popper rather than taking the time to splice it.

With the aid of a Natural Horsemanship trainer, you can discover the many uses of the Natural Horsemanship string. The most common uses are as an extension of the arm when on the ground or as a quirt when riding.

The string is often used attached to a Training Stick. As an extension of the arm, the stick provides the reach while the string provides a soft caress or a gentle flick for communication. The combination can also be used as a come-a-long to lead the horse around the neck or even around a leg or other body part with some training. Some people connect the ends to make a circle and use it to provide subtle cues to the horse from the ground or on the horse's back.

As a quirt it is used as an aid in slapping the riders leg or gently spanking the horse to encourage forward movement. The slowly escalating rhythmical motion of the string swinging from side to side accompanied by the legs and reins acting as an alley which keeps the horse pointed straight in the intended direction provides the persistent and gentle persuasion necessary to get a balking horse past, through or over just about any obstacle.

Used as a circle around the horse's neck or as a Cherokee bridle in the horse's mouth, the string has been called a "progress string" because it can be used in this way to test your progress toward the ultimate in horse and human communication -- bridleless riding.

Some of the above uses require more knowledge, finesse, and horse savvy than others. We recommend the assistance of a Natural Horsemanship trainer as part of your learning process.

Natural Horsemanship Strings (6 ft.)
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Natural Horsemanship Strings (6 ft.)
durable and economical
I have tried alot of training sticks and strings through the years with little success in them holding up through daily, continuous use. The training sticks and strings at are well made, durable and will last a long time, without paying a small fortune. They have a wide variety of training equipment and horse related items, and will custom make any rope equipment to meet your needs. The staff at are helpful, friendly and efficient. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of training equipment.
Natural Horsemanship Strings (6 ft.)
Everything I have purchased is well made and worth the money I spent to get it. The order was received promptly.