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Horsemanship Flags

Flags have been used by Natural Horsemanship practitioners like Tom Dorrance, Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, and Ray Hunt as an important addition to a training stick especially when working with horses on the ground. A flag gives you the ability to quickly create, direct or block energy. This clear and controllable tool communicates to the horse without fear or intimidation. A horsemanship flag can enhance your safety. Legendary Ray Hunt in his later years carried a flag when on the ground with loose horses. He was limited physically by his health, but not in his ability to communicate to the horse.

Examples of using a Training Stick with Flag from YouTube

Natural Horsemanship Flags (18x20") Price: $12.00 Natural Horsemanship Flags (18x20")
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Natural Horsemanship Training Stick with Flag Price: $32.00 Natural Horsemanship Training Stick with Flag
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